Wednesday, 23 February 2011

the parent trap

The parent trap is a book about two identical twins Hallie and Annie who were separated at birth when their parents divorced. They both met at summer camp and as soon as they met they both hated each other. Because they had both been so bad at the summer camp, they were punished by there team leaders. Their punishment was to stay together in the same room throughout the whole time they are there in summer camp.  

After they both started to get along they soon started to realise that there was a very strong resemblance between the two of them. They found out that their parents had been together and they decided to swap places with each other so they could convince their parents to get back together. So both Hallie and Annie swapped lives and got to meet their mother and father  but when Annie went to California to meet her father he had a girlfriend, so this was a big problem which wouldn't help them get their parents back together again. 
So Hallie and Annie knew they had to arrange for their parents to meet up, and when their parents met each other they both started to realise that the whole thing was a set up. They were both annoyed so they wanted to leave straight away but because their parents did not know who was who because Hallie and Annie both looked identical they could not tell the difference and didn't want to take the wrong twin back with them. The twins told both of their parents if they were to go on a camping trip all together first then after they would tell them who is who. 

Their parents  agreed to this arrangement and prepared for the camping trip but the twins mother suggested Hallie and Annie's dad's girlfriend should go instead, so the twins dad's girlfriend ended up going instead of their mum and the twins were annoyed about this. So while they were all camping together they decided to play a few practical jokes on their dad's girlfriend. their practical jokes really got to her and she revealed her true dislike of the twins.                   Suddenly the twins dad saw through his girlfriend and realised she was not the woman for him. 

On their return home the mum and dad realised how stubborn they had both been and that they still loved each other.                                                                            The twins were delighted that there mum and dad had got back together. 

I think this story is entertaining to children and adults and i never tire of reading the book. I think everyone should read this book because this story is very realistic and has got everything a good story should have, it's got a love story, comedy, the role of the wicked step mother and has got a very happy ending to the story.      

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